How to Redeem a Steam Gaming Gift Card

You’ve finally finished reading this perfect info on PS3 and received your long-awaited Steam gaming gift card! It came in the mail, addressed to you, with your name and address printed on it – exactly how you asked them to send it in the first place. You can’t wait to use this gift card to add some awesome new games to your digital library! To find out how you can use that Steam gaming gift card to its full potential, keep reading this post. It will show you how to redeem a Steam gaming gift card so that you can start shopping right away!

Steam Gaming Gift Card

Once you’ve received your gift card from someone, open up your Steam Client and click on Redeem a Voucher located in Account Details. Input your code into that section and wait for it to apply the credit to your account.

You can view details of how much you have left on your card by clicking on Account Details and then Show Wallet Balance.
This will provide information about how much is currently available, how much has been used or added by other purchases/redemption, and any past purchases as well.
If there is still credit remaining after inputting your voucher, it will automatically be added towards whatever you purchase next!

Checking your Inventory

Before spending, make sure you have enough money in your Steam wallet. The funds will be taken out of your account immediately upon redemption, so it’s good to double-check that you have an appropriate amount available before moving forward. If you’re on mobile or can’t access your funds right away, don’t worry—you can purchase and add funds later from wherever you are (Steam doesn’t expire unused balances). Simply log into your account on the desktop and head to Account Settings > Wallet > Add Funds in order to buy more steam credit. There are lots of games available for purchase as gifts for friends or family members too!

How to Redeem a Steam Gaming Gift Card

Selling the gift card

If you don’t want to redeem it in the account, you can sell it to anybody that would want it for cash.
If you live in tier 1 countries like in US, or UK, you can look for a gift card buyer around you.
For those living in Nigeria, read how much is $100 steam card in naira today before you sell

Use your wallet funds or trade with other players

Online game services like Xbox Live and Playstation Network support gift cards for a wide range of games. If you’re low on funds, buying games with these gift cards can help you save money. If you want to play an older title or one from another publisher, you might be able to trade one of your old games with someone who has that game and is willing to give it up in exchange for credit towards something else they want. Either way, online gaming services will typically let you either use your funds or make trades that equal out to less than what’s left on your gift card – making them useful not only as a low-cost entertainment option but also as an emergency fund.